Vim-CtrlSpace allows you to bookmark your projects. When you run Vim-CtrlSpace for the first time, the bookmark list is empty. It’s time to change that! Fasten your seatbelts and add your first project to bookmarks following the steps below!

  2. b
  3. a
  4. Vim-CtrlSpace will ask you to type the path to the project
  5. Confirm the path with Enter
  6. Optionally you can change the bookmark name

After adding the project to bookmarks, choose the project from the list using either:

  • j and k
  • toggling search mode with / when the list is long

Press Enter to confirm the choice. An unnamed tab should open.

> [1*No Name] ★
  1. Press o to open project file list.
  2. Press r to index all project files.

After indexing you should get this message:

⌗  Collecting files... Done (399).

Now you’re ready to feel the power of Vim-CtrlSpace!

Common questions

Re-indexing — do I need it?

Almost each editor, or IDE you have had experience with, re-index files. Many of them do it automatically for you. This allows for faster searching files. Some IDE like RubyMine can, in large projects, hang even a powerful Macbook Pro.

Vim-CtrlSpace allows you to re-index files manually. Don’t worry about forgetting to re-index as sooner or later it’ll become your habit.

Re-indexing — when?

Usually when:

  • Switching between Git (or any other VCS) branches
  • Regenerating Ctags
  • Adding or removing files

Remember that you can still open the files with:

New files will not be available when using fuzzy search until you re-index them. That’s it!